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Victor Goikoetxea, 1965, artist and painter born in Urretxu (Guipúzcoa), currently resides and has a working studio in Hernani (Guipúzcoa).

From an early age formed from the base in the trade of painting, getting to know the hand of the great masters the secrets of traditional craftsmen of the old "kitchen" of decorative painting. Before breaking into the field of professional artists performed a thorough preparation obtained diplomas in the most prestigious schools and international Paris Bretanya, London, Italy, Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid. And other preparations for additional training.

In his long artistic career, tireless researcher of new techniques, travels to different countries and civilizations develop experience with trying to convey their emotions linked to both landscape and architectural aspects as human, this time focusing on the new realism worked on a large scale figurative , mural painting.

Victor currently Goikoetxea is a benchmark for contemporary figurative painting, creating works remarkable for their definition and scope.

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