Victor Goikoetxea



Few artists are able to work the figurative realism and conceptual experimentation. Nowadays, Víctor Goikoetxea is one of them and his painting technique it proves it. His works in the opera and houses of Paris have made him a reference in the world of restoration and now is a very highly valued artist.


The projects made with famous architects have given him the opportunity to experiment and innovate, turning him into an avant-garde artist.


Goikoetxea's creativity is born from the ability to capture the past and the future in his works. His projects are only an introduction to his ability to develop singular works that transform space into art.

Training / Professional training

Course of imitation marbles, sponges and  trompe l’oeil in the workshop of Mª García Frías and Natalia Lafita, Madrid (1990).


  • Advanced marble course at the Policromia Decorative Painting workshop, specialising in imitations of Travertine, Máchale and Ancient Green Marble, Marbella (1992).
  • Stencil Course at the Estudio Stencil Artisans League, Barcelona (1993).
  • Course of imitations of wood (walnut, rosewood, oak. . . ) at Miriam's Studio, London (1994).
  • Graduated in the higher Institute of decorative painting Trompe L'Oeil IPEDEC, Paris. Promotion of 1996. Second prize on the contest.
  • Graduated in the Guegan institute of decorative painting Trompe L'oeil, chemistry, France. First prize and special mention of the promotion of 1999.
  • Specialized course in mural painting at the Institut Guegan, Quimiac, France, 2001.
  • Panoramic painting course at IPEDEC, Paris (2002).
  • Course of descriptive geometry applied to the mural painting, Piñano, Italy (2003).
  • Course on composition and harmony applied to mural painting at the Institut Guegan, Quimiac, France (2004).
  • Advanced course in mural painting, IPEDEC (Institute of decorative painting and trompe l'oeil of Paris) 2005.
  • Course specialized in realistic mural painting, (Professor), Cazone Delsa - Studies Sarina, Tuscany, province of Siena (2007).
  • Specialized course in mural painting, (teacher) Falset, Capital of the Priorat, Castillo de Falset (2008), (2009).
  • Course, Methosds of the Masters, August 2011, Porto, taught by Martinho Correia, professor at Angel Academy.
  • Course given in Morocco, hotel La Perla del Dades, techniques of painting trompe l'oeil and panoramic mural painting, September, October 2011.
  • A year at the Angel Academy in Florence.
  • Fifth course of realistic mural painting given in San Sebastian (summer 2012).


Is an artist of figurative painting  who creates large murals for public institutions, private and great collectors.


  • Cultural Hall of Hernani, Guipuzcoa, varius exhibitions (between 2000 and 2004).
  • Construmat Fair, Barcelona (2005-2009).
  • Basque Crafts Fair, Rentería, Guipúzcoa, invitation of 50th anniversary (2006).
  • Work exhibited in the internacional showroom of mural painting, Forever Showroom. Utrech, Holland. The only representative of the State (2006).
  • City council of Hernani (2007).
  • EurostarsGrand Marina Hotel (2007).
  • International collective exhibition of Chicago (USA), mural painting of 2008.
  • International collective exhibition in Versailles (France), mural painting of 2010.
  • Exhibition in the oceanographic museum of San Sebastian, "Santurze en la memoria" (2010).
  • URBAN ART International collective exhibition of mural painting Versalles, only invited state artist SALON FOREVER.


He has also carried out several collective exhibitions in Spain, France, Holland and Italy.

Current projects

Some projects of vital importance for the expansion and recognition of the artist are currently being developed.


  • The facade of the modernist building (the courtyard of l' Eixample ), a tribute to Barcelona. It is a comprehensive performance of painting and sculpture.
  • Large-scale intervention for the City Hall of Hernani (Gipuzkoa), a work linked to the city of Hernani, in which Victor Goikoetxea works artistically.
  • Mural painting for the presentation of the company AMR. Refractarios S. A. & Krosaki Harima Corporation in Hernani (Guipúzcoa).
  • Three painted facades for the celebration of "El Greco", in Toledo (2014).
  • Artistic performance in a historic building located on the Gran Vía de Corts Catalans (Barcelona).
  • Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, April 2013.
  • Teacher in the mural painting course of the hotel balneario Vichy Catalán (Gerona).