Victor Goikoetxea



The constant need to expand knowledge and experimentation is one of the vital and creative motors of Víctor Goikoetxea (Urretxu, 1965). It is, in fact, the one that allows him to make the leap to decorative painting after starting professionally in his non-artistic side. Fascinated by the possibilities of the medium, at first he decides to grow by taking courses in which he is instructed in the imitation of different materials, such as marble and wood. He then attended the workshop of María García Frías and Natalia Lafita (Madrid, 1990) and the Decorative Painting classes at the Polixromia studio (Marbella, 1992) and Miriam's Studio (London, 1994). This base encouraged him to achieve greater specialization in the subject, for which he enrolled in two prestigious centers in Paris: Institut Supérieur de Peinture Décorative IPEDEC (1996) and Institut Guégan École de Peinture Décorative et de Trompe-l'oeil (1999). ) ). He graduates in both achieving sending awards (second and first) that stand out in his promotions. Subsequently, he carried out extension studies in mural painting in the same Parisian schools (2004 and 2005), and other descriptive geometry in Pignano (Italy).

The perception of his profession as an activity that requires continuous updating and revitalization of knowledge has led him to continue his apprenticeship even when he already enjoyed solid prestige in his field. In this way, he participates in Methods of the Masters in Porto (2011), a course taught by Martinho Correia, professor at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, for two years after completing a master's degree in academic drawing at this renowned Italian center (2013 ) .

In fact, Goikoetxea's own professional reputation has led him to teach various courses on his discipline at an international level, such as those taught at the Estudios Sarina in Casole D'Elsa, Italy (2007), at the Castle of Falset ( 2008 and 2009), at the Hotel La Perle du Dades in Boulmane, Morocco (2011), in a private studio in San Sebastián (2012), at the Vichy Catalan Spa Hotel in Girona or in the Courses of figurative painting and trompe-l 'Oeil de Casa Piera Fine Arts in Barcelona (2016, 2017 and 2019).

In this sense, his solid training has allowed him to undertake the restoration of numerous historic buildings —public and private— to restore the solemnity conferred by their decorations, damaged by the passage of time, as is the case of the Town Hall. from Donostia/San Sebastian. In others, however, he has proposed that they constitute completely personal contributions through which to transform institutional, public and private spaces. The enumeration would be extensive, but his mural performances in the Port of Jávea, the Aquarium-Palacio del Mar in Donostia/San Sebastián, the Santurtzi and Hernani Town Halls, the Dior Boutique in Jalisco (Mexico), serve as an example. the Hotel Maison Marineta de Dénia, or one of his most visited creations, MiramArt, which completely modified the tunnel that connects the two best-known beaches of the Gipuzkoan capital (Ondarreta and La Concha) through the effective recreation of the seabed, and which is traveled annually by millions of people.

The particularity of his art, specialized for a good part of his career in mural painting and large format, has prevented him from fully developing an exhibition aspect, to which, however, in recent times he has decided to give a boost . Since the previous decade he has favored the production of work on easel, which has followed two parallel dimensions. On the one hand, he has explored the formulation of a realistic figurative painting in which to put into practice his formidable gifts for spatial conception, and which in some way constitutes a translation of many of his mural experiences onto canvas. In it, inhabited interiors open to different scenarios, in which the memory of trompe-l'oeil underlies, coexist with the wide panoramic views of an urban and natural landscape captured with precision. On the other, he is immersed in the investigation of the use and transformation of different materials, through which they generate an abstract production that continues with the surprising capacity of his figurative work, although in other registers. Metal, polycarbonate, resin, polystyrene or velvet are put at the service of a material creation, in which volume is also essential. A volume that in Goikoetxea has in turn achieved absolute independence through its foray into sculpture, in which it has notable examples, such as the statue of the tennis player David Ferrer in Jávea (2019), or the one that pays homage to General Manuel de Montiano, who was able to speak at the exhibition The Spanish Legacy in the United States, organized in collaboration by The Legacy association and the Ministry of Defense (2022).

Despite the aforementioned exhibition restraint, in the first decade of the 21st century it appeared in various international fairs and competitions, such as Construmat: Barcelona International Construction Fair (2005-2009) and the International Decorative Painters Salon The Salon, recognized as the meeting The most important and significant event on the subject worldwide, which is held annually in different cities: in 2006, it attended the Utrech (Netherlands) edition, in 2008, in Chicago, and in 2010, in Versailles (France). ), being in the first and third appointments the only representative of his country invited to attend. In turn, in 2013 he participated in the collective La Magie du Trompe-l'oeil, in the Jean-Jacques Gautier room in Chêne-Bougeries (Switzerland), which brings together about eighty pieces by nineteen artists specialized in pictorial illusionism.

Recently he has combined collective exhibitions with individual ones. After a first one at the aforementioned Aquarium-Palacio del Mar (2010), his solo career has intensified as a result of a later one at the Vetus Art gallery in Donostia/San Sebastián, which under the title From figuration to matter (2017 ) brings together figurative pieces with innovative and evocative abstractions. Already the previous year, in the context of the European Cultural Capital Donostia 2016, 16 Gipuzkoan artists participated in the collective in the same gallery, through whose hand he also participated in the Scope Art Fair in Basel and in the Galleria Pisacane Arte in Milan (both in 2018). In recent years, it has organized new solo shows, such as the one that inaugurates the Basque Luxury Studio (2019), headquarters of the association of companies in the luxury sector of the Basque Country, Public Art (2019), at the Casa del Cable in Jávea (2019 ), and, most recently, Matter in Movement, in the Recoleto gallery in the same town in Alicante (2022). The latter presents the concern in which he is currently immersed in recreating organic matter, and which requires in-depth research on the possibilities of transformation of the materials he uses for it.
Mikel Lertxundi Galiana

Training / Professional training

Course of imitation marbles, sponges and  trompe l’oeil in the workshop of Mª García Frías and Natalia Lafita, Madrid (1990).


  • Advanced marble course at the Policromia Decorative Painting workshop, specialising in imitations of Travertine, Máchale and Ancient Green Marble, Marbella (1992).
  • Stencil Course at the Estudio Stencil Artisans League, Barcelona (1993).
  • Course of imitations of wood (walnut, rosewood, oak. . . ) at Miriam's Studio, London (1994).
  • Graduated in the higher Institute of decorative painting Trompe L'Oeil IPEDEC, Paris. Promotion of 1996. Second prize on the contest.
  • Graduated in the Guegan institute of decorative painting Trompe L'oeil, chemistry, France. First prize and special mention of the promotion of 1999.
  • Specialized course in mural painting at the Institut Guegan, Quimiac, France, 2001.
  • Panoramic painting course at IPEDEC, Paris (2002).
  • Course of descriptive geometry applied to the mural painting, Piñano, Italy (2003).
  • Course on composition and harmony applied to mural painting at the Institut Guegan, Quimiac, France (2004).
  • Advanced course in mural painting, IPEDEC (Institute of decorative painting and trompe l'oeil of Paris) 2005.
  • Course specialized in realistic mural painting, (Professor), Cazone Delsa - Studies Sarina, Tuscany, province of Siena (2007).
  • Specialized course in mural painting, (teacher) Falset, Capital of the Priorat, Castillo de Falset (2008), (2009).
  • Course, Methosds of the Masters, August 2011, Porto, taught by Martinho Correia, professor at Angel Academy.
  • Course given in Morocco, hotel La Perla del Dades, techniques of painting trompe l'oeil and panoramic mural painting, September, October 2011.
  • A year at the Angel Academy in Florence.
  • Fifth course of realistic mural painting given in San Sebastian (summer 2012).


Is an artist of figurative painting  who creates large murals for public institutions, private and great collectors.


  • Cultural Hall of Hernani, Guipuzcoa, varius exhibitions (between 2000 and 2004).
  • Construmat Fair, Barcelona (2005-2009).
  • Basque Crafts Fair, Rentería, Guipúzcoa, invitation of 50th anniversary (2006).
  • Work exhibited in the internacional showroom of mural painting, Forever Showroom. Utrech, Holland. The only representative of the State (2006).
  • City council of Hernani (2007).
  • EurostarsGrand Marina Hotel (2007).
  • International collective exhibition of Chicago (USA), mural painting of 2008.
  • International collective exhibition in Versailles (France), mural painting of 2010.
  • Exhibition in the oceanographic museum of San Sebastian, "Santurze en la memoria" (2010).
  • URBAN ART International collective exhibition of mural painting Versalles, only invited state artist SALON FOREVER.


He has also carried out several collective exhibitions in Spain, France, Holland and Italy.

Current projects

Some projects of vital importance for the expansion and recognition of the artist are currently being developed.


  • The facade of the modernist building (the courtyard of l' Eixample ), a tribute to Barcelona. It is a comprehensive performance of painting and sculpture.
  • Large-scale intervention for the City Hall of Hernani (Gipuzkoa), a work linked to the city of Hernani, in which Victor Goikoetxea works artistically.
  • Mural painting for the presentation of the company AMR. Refractarios S. A. & Krosaki Harima Corporation in Hernani (Guipúzcoa).
  • Three painted facades for the celebration of "El Greco", in Toledo (2014).
  • Artistic performance in a historic building located on the Gran Vía de Corts Catalans (Barcelona).
  • Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, April 2013.
  • Teacher in the mural painting course of the hotel balneario Vichy Catalán (Gerona).